Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are you kidding me?!

Another dumb gift to us from the reality TV show makers and believe me people this one definitely takes the cake. Not sure how many of you have had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on the latest in reality Television and this one my friends is called 'The Moment of Truth'. I think it should be more like 'The moment when TV hit the all time low'. If you have not watched it yet, don't you are not missing out on much. It's a show which will make Paris' Simple Life look like a 'worth wasting my time watching' or maybe we have had equally idiotic shows before. I mean wasn't there one where they pitched 20 year old's against 40 year old's to win the love for some six packed schmuk!!!

Is it just me or have our Television shows taken a turn for worse and seem to be going further downhill everyday. Producers protest that 'hey!! that's what sells, look at the high ratings we get for these shows' that makes me think, "Have we as a society deteriorated so far in intellect that we are being dished such rubbish, which we are only too happy to have". I mean it was funny in a stupid way the first few times when I watched a couple of these so called reality shows but really do I need to watch some badly acted and scripted shows that are supposedly entertaining; except exactly whom they entertain is beyond me. Makes me wanna yank out my hair when day after day I find nothing on TV except these ultra retarded and skanky show. Thank God! and thank the good people who thought to putting the likes of Discovery, food network and Home & Garden channels on. I would much rather learn how to build houses/redecorate or cook than watching some slut of a wife admit to her follies on national television, get this she has cheated on her husband, thinks she should be married to someone else and a few other choice stuff and in the end they don't even win any money because she lies to the easiest question of all "Are you a good person?" DUH!! lady, let me give you a hint. It's got two letters N-O NO NO NO. First piece of advise don't dish your dirty laundry on national TV and secondly if you are going to do it, how about being honest about yourself too.

It is getting harder and harder to monitor shows to make sure kids don't accidently come across a channel where such filth is being televised. I'll bet you anything, any day of the week there are at least 20 channels that are displayed half naked, under influence people, terrible language and what not. OH!! and by the way, Food Network also turns me off by having shows like Hell's Kitchen. Why on the earth are we turning rude people into celebrities?! they are not worth watching!!! AAARRRGGH!!! what is to become of us?!

A very concerned Shivani signing off for now


aj said...

Several years ago I called the cable company and asked them to turn off my service. I then went and sold my TV. It was the best decision I have ever made.

The bizarre part is that I am constantly receiving calls from telemarketers representing all sorts of television service providers (Shaw, Telus, etc) trying to sell me on their plan. When I say "I don't even own a TV", they don't believe me. We live in a society where claiming to not own a TV set is like claiming to have magical powers. It is remarkably depressing.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to aj for getting rid of the evil box. I agree, TV sets have become such a part of our lives that we think it bizarre for anyone to live without it.

As for all those irritating shows, Shivani you could just turn your Television off :-)