Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nasty bag of a driver!!!

If you don't want to hear me gripe about atrocious people then don't read this, however if you are fed up with nasty drivers then read on....

I have been stewing over this incident since yesterday and finally decided maybe I will write it down so it can finally get out of my head. Now I am all for following roadside courtesy and following the rules and understand that sometimes drivers are just not paying attention but this irksome nasty lady just really bugged me.

Let's start from the begining. I was walking merrily towards the train station, thinking what a wonderful thing that Edmonton is getting Spring in March for once instead of June. I come to the traffic lights and stop to cross but the right turning car cuts me off and keeps going so I wait for another one to go. Finally the hand started to flash and I thought I better hurry up and start walking if I am going to make the light and this van almost runs me over and keeps making her right turn, so I back off and lift my hands as if saying 'what the heck is wrong with people today?' as if that wasn't enough, she actually then stopped her van midroad, rolled down her window to yell at me, "The walking signal is not on so what the hell are you shaking your hand at me for!!" I was so taken aback but just kept walking as I needed to get to the other side before I got hit by some other crazy ass driver. My first instinct was to think "oh!! maybe she is right! I shouldn't be walking when the hand is flashing" but the more I thought about it the more I realized 'no dammit! I was trying to cross when the walk signal was on, not my fault that do-do heads of drivers just keep going' and let's not forget in Canada pedestrians have the right of the way. It's not like I was trying to cross the street on the red light.

Anyways, I ranted to a few of my work buddies who had various suggestions like 'you should have jotted down her lic plate number and reported her' 'you should have yelled back at her' 'should have thrown something at that Bi_ _ _' but I still thought before I begin to curse the woman, I had better check to make sure I wasn't the guilty party so I called up the Motor Vehicle office and spoke to the lady there. I also checked with an instructor of a driving school. Sure enough, I had the right of way in this case.

Now that I had determined that and was still blooming ticked off at that woman for not only cutting me off but having the galls to actually yell at me!!! Usually swearing at someone helps a person blow off some steam but of course I still cannot think of any good swears for her that won't actually be demeaning to womankind in general and I absolutely refuse to use them just because a few members of my gender happen to be sooooooooo nasty!! Therefore all I have to say to her is "You are a VERY VERY BAD WOMAN, BAD VERY VERY BAD!!" (fill in the accent of your choice here people, I have imagined the sentence in several ones lol)

Aaaahhh!! ok now that it's off my chest, feeling much better. However, that does make me think when will people learn roadside courtesy. Should that not be taught in driving classes?! I cannot even begin to count the umpteen times I have seen impatient drivers pull dangerous stunts on the road. It's time people learned how to share the road - Stop zooming at a high speed through resdential streets, near schools, pedestrians, bicyclists. Quit honking at people to make them move faster, if someone is going slow on a snowy road IT IS FOR A GOOD REASON!! slow down yourself. Yield when there is a yield sign, last time I checked in the driving books, it most certainly does not mean MERGE! talking about merging, for crying out LOUD!!! people let others merge when the situaion demands, if you speed up to stop them for merging in you are just going to cause an accident.

Now that warmer weather is here, along with that are going to come a lot of people using their bicycles on the road. And as much as it annoys me to have to slow down or watch out for them (all the while thinking, they are doing so much good for their health and planet when I am sitting on my fat bottom creating more greenhouse emmissions) I understand that I don't own the road and if I am getting late, it's bloody well my own fault that I did not leave the house sooner.

Hoping to cross roads and streets without any further incidents, this is Shivani signing off for now :-)


aj said...

That was probably my mother in law. She's done that to just about everyone in the city, including me.

Imagine my surprise one day as the woman I was screaming really, really fantastic swear words at rolled down her window and it was someone I knew. Not that that made a bit of difference, of course, and on the plus side I haven't been invited for any holiday dinners since then.

I hate the drivers in this city. I've never seen a city with so many people who actually consciously drive worse during rain storms. I think that the driver's education courses may be doing something wrong.

Shivani Sherman said...

Too funny AJ!! If that happened to me, I would not be able to stop laughing!! he he he!

Totally agree about the bad drivers in this city.

Laqueta said...

Good words.