Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are you kidding me?!

Another dumb gift to us from the reality TV show makers and believe me people this one definitely takes the cake. Not sure how many of you have had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on the latest in reality Television and this one my friends is called 'The Moment of Truth'. I think it should be more like 'The moment when TV hit the all time low'. If you have not watched it yet, don't you are not missing out on much. It's a show which will make Paris' Simple Life look like a 'worth wasting my time watching' or maybe we have had equally idiotic shows before. I mean wasn't there one where they pitched 20 year old's against 40 year old's to win the love for some six packed schmuk!!!

Is it just me or have our Television shows taken a turn for worse and seem to be going further downhill everyday. Producers protest that 'hey!! that's what sells, look at the high ratings we get for these shows' that makes me think, "Have we as a society deteriorated so far in intellect that we are being dished such rubbish, which we are only too happy to have". I mean it was funny in a stupid way the first few times when I watched a couple of these so called reality shows but really do I need to watch some badly acted and scripted shows that are supposedly entertaining; except exactly whom they entertain is beyond me. Makes me wanna yank out my hair when day after day I find nothing on TV except these ultra retarded and skanky show. Thank God! and thank the good people who thought to putting the likes of Discovery, food network and Home & Garden channels on. I would much rather learn how to build houses/redecorate or cook than watching some slut of a wife admit to her follies on national television, get this she has cheated on her husband, thinks she should be married to someone else and a few other choice stuff and in the end they don't even win any money because she lies to the easiest question of all "Are you a good person?" DUH!! lady, let me give you a hint. It's got two letters N-O NO NO NO. First piece of advise don't dish your dirty laundry on national TV and secondly if you are going to do it, how about being honest about yourself too.

It is getting harder and harder to monitor shows to make sure kids don't accidently come across a channel where such filth is being televised. I'll bet you anything, any day of the week there are at least 20 channels that are displayed half naked, under influence people, terrible language and what not. OH!! and by the way, Food Network also turns me off by having shows like Hell's Kitchen. Why on the earth are we turning rude people into celebrities?! they are not worth watching!!! AAARRRGGH!!! what is to become of us?!

A very concerned Shivani signing off for now

Monday, February 25, 2008

Obama Hilary showdown

Is anyone else enjoying watching them as much as me?! I mean don't you just love the adult fights....of course it is done in such a civilized (or so they think), backhanded and covert way (which really is meant to be quite overt).

The latest phamplet prank certainly takes the cake. Yay! for Obama for having the galls to getting this stuff on Hilary printed, off the record of course(he does all these underhanded tatics in the same breath that he calls for a new kind of politics) and Hurray! for Hilary not mincing any words when denouncing him. I mean we all know such things are always done in campaigns, get stuff printed or said against your opponent off the record so no one can blame you but come on guys! just whom are we kidding here!!

What really had me hooting with laughter was the punjab reference. This one is apparently based on a joke that Mrs. Clinton herself made last year at a fund-raiser hosted by a top Indian-American supporter. "I can certainly run for the Senate seat in Punjab and win easily,". First it makes me think 'yeah right! lady'. And secondly shouldn't they at least check before accusing her of moving the jobs off shore?! To the best of my knowledge none have been taken to Punjab, other parts of India I could believe but not Punjab. It is the most affluent state in India and it wouldn't make sense to take any jobs there as companies to have to pay more money comparatively.

Then again, what do I know. All I can say is it is all very amusing to sit back and watch them go at each other............and they are both from the same party. So far I haven't been amused that much by Republicans.

Think about it people if Obama actually wins, we will have a first 'African American' President in the history of USA and if Hilary does then first female President.

Whom are you rooting for?!

Shivani Sherman Jetley

Friday, February 22, 2008

To vote or not to vote?!

Ah! it's that time again.....politicians and their cohorts knocking at our doors, dropping flyers, making phone calls asking for our precious vote. Of course like any hard working, tax paying and law obeying Canadian would do, I nicely promise to definitely think about it. Believe it or not but sometimes I actually do devote some time to thinking about whom to vote for (well, you know whatever time I can find between reading my romance novels and polishing my nails and concocting new face masks!! screw the world hunger and other urgent matters, me and my vanity take precedence...don't they?!)

To be honest, though, I have to admit that I sometimes can not be bothered to go and vote. Like many others, I am thoroughly disillusioned with the whole game of politics and the politicians. I don't need to listen to anymore empty promises, useless values and meaningless speeches. Afterall aren't they all the same anyways, once elected....all peas of the same pod. I mean, I am not so naive to think that we are going to see very many honest to boot, intelligent, selfless, caring specimen, that you would normally find in books. Just a bunch of idiots or worse yet crooks who get in it for their own agenda. Why should I waste my precious time and energy electing someone who is not going to give two red cents about what matters to me. Afterall, is it really worth it to drag my fat ass to the nearest booth, stand in the line up, exchange polite words with the few kind senior citizen volunteers and put my voting card in the box.....all that effort to get some bozzo into power so at the very least he/she can put in his two terms and get that hefty pension or at the very worst he/she can give cheap land, cut deals with their buddies, even to the extent where energy prices go through the roof and an average person cannot even afford to pay the bills anymore. NO Thank you!! I would rather very much waste that vote and not elect anyone. This has been the condition of my mind since my very first vote at age 18 and here I am almost 34 now and little has changed (you see the candidate I voted for turned out to be a total dud)

So why shouldn't I retreat into my bimboland where things are much nicer, there are no such worries, just happy thoughts of hot guys or nice dresses or lastest hair styles. I probably would have gone through the rest of my life thinking this way had I not someone say this, "so you don't like the way things are run eh!! What are YOU doing about it? you don't like the way country is running, What are YOU doing about it? you feel bad decisions are being made in the legislative..what are YOU doing about it?! Have you contributed anything other than complaining?!" My first reaction was to haarummphh at it but then when I really thought about it, isn't it so true. We like to sit on our asses at home and expect everything to run smoothly but don't even want to be bothered to make sure that we actually help the right people get in there to change things. Some wise man said, "To see a wrong being committed and do nothing about it is worse than actually committing the deed itself". So is it true then, has our self centredness brought us to this point where we won't take the charge ourselves, won't help the ones who want to take charge but will complain once the wrong people get in charge (which might I add is due to people like me, who won't be bothered to take a more active interest in identifying who is deserving and who is not)

I don't know if it is truly going to make even a bit of difference but I sure as hell am going to do my own research this time, rise above my prejudices, get out of the 'left wingers are better for a middle class working person mentality' and put my weight behind who I think deserves to be in the lead.

Preparing her mind for whom to vote for on March 3rd, this is Shivani Jetley Sherman signing off for now.

Beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachan

World's most beautiful woman?!! I don't know about that because I strongly believe no one woman can be given that title when there are so many beautiful ladies out there. Having said that however, she is definitely one of the most beautiful faces I have seen in a long time. Those deep hazel green eyes and the perfect nose and the perfect pout. Yet, I have a never seen a woman more hated either. For every nice comment I hear about her, I hear ten others saying she is too plastic, she is too fake...some even go so far to call her ugly. Here are a few of her pictures from various sites, decide for yourself. I personally think she is quite a beauty, agreed her laugh is a little irritating at times but hey nobody is perfect.

Just goes to show that women can be so jealous of our own gender when the other specimen is better than us eh!! The only reason I say this is because I have not ever heard a guy call her ugly yet.

I would say kudos to her. She is obviously a smart, intelligent and a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Now if only I could be even half as good looking as her..............

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Put a lid on it!!

So we are to see yet another hike in the oil prices.... O! and hear this people, this one is simply based on the fact that the government announced interest rates will be slashed further to boost the economy. Now what my simple mind fails to grasp is not only how that is going to help anybody (let's face it there are a lot of other things that need to be done people!!) but also why the oil industry should be allowed to increase their rates just based on any speculation or announcement.

If this keeps up, pretty soon us middle class worker ants will have to park our cars and just walk everywhere and let's face it considering we live in Canada, it would be next to impossible to get anything done without your own vehicle. Now should there not be some kind of a cap on such hikes. Afterall profit margins schmargins aside, no industry that is providing necessaties like food, gas, water, energy etc should be allowed to make these things out of reach for an everyday consumer.

They say it's necessary to do so in order to keep the company running as some profit is required (listen to this, as they need to eat too). I say "BAH HUMBUG!!" get over yourselves and maybe get rid of a few high paid CEO's and the company will have it's profit.

OK!! I know I know, I sound like a little whinny kid now who has no idea what she is talking about. Hey! all I know is I am sick and tired of inflation and not being able to keep up with it. All I want is for all working people to be able to live in a comfortable manner...Is that too much to ask?!!

Signing off for now, a very disgruntled Shivani :(

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the pursuit of Beauty

Ah!! the sheer Ego of my small mind, writing this article as if it's going to be read by millions. What the heck! I will write all my posts as if they were going in a popular magazine :-)Most of the women out there will be able to relate instantly to my experience and if any guys are reading this. Well, keep on reading and then you will understand why the cosmetic and related industries are a multi billion dollar business and how women (who really consider themselves a superior and smarter gender than men in general) can be gullible and rather stupid when it comes to their vanity (oh yes!! ladies let's be honest and admit, we are vain and wish do me the fairest of all...even if we will never admit it..nevaaa!!)Let's begin from...umm! the begining I guess. It all started when I heard my sisters discuss the virtues of an expensive hair dryer versus the common drugstore brands. My first reaction was thinking yeah right!! it is afterall a dryer and being an intelligent and savvy consumer I would never get sucked into such marketing fads. Of course I didn't say as much to them.Well, after a couple of weeks of listening to them tout the multiple benefits of a nice brand name dryer (which would set your bankbook back anywhere from a $100-$350) I was quite suitably impressed. Hence began my own research for the best hair dryer. After spending several hours and days reading various reviews and sites etc (now keep in mind people, this is the time I could have used productively doing any of the umpteen household chores or spending time with my kids or helping out my poor dear husband with some work around the house), I decided that it was definitely time for me to invest in a good hair dryer as well. Afterall if my younger sisters (who by the way would be hot even if they were wrapped in a sackcloth) were all 'gung ho' on getting one and were going to have super sleek stylish hair, why on the earth would I stay and watch from the sidelines. I read and reread as many blogs and reviews I could find on two of the famous brands - Chi and T3. Now keep in mind that three weeks ago I had never even heard of these. The more I read the more images my mind whipped up of my straight, limp hair that usually does it's own thing going all sleek and voluminous, changing me from a plain jane to a beautiful hottie who manages to look like a million bucks with such little effort. Of course I should also mention that my little sister had bought the Chi PRO dryer in the meantime. After seeing how it had transformed her hair into a sleek and shiny mass of perfect coiffure, I was even more determined to get one. It seemed to be the only thing holding me back, if I had it my life would be so perfect....well, my hair would be perfect anyways (never mind the untidy house, unfinished renovations and career thoughts). So now that I had decided to spend my hard earned money on a piece of magical equipment, I needed to find a retailer that was local and sold nice brand name dryers. For those of you who are thinking, "Lady!! why not just get one from Ebay or order one online since they are on sale and you can get it for much less".........let me explain. You see I had to use cash money (that I have saved over the months from gifts received for b'days and Christmas etc) and could not use my credit card or a check. Afterall I am sure I would not want to give my darling husband a stroke or a heart attack and believe you me, he most definitely would get one if he saw a purchase 300 freaking dollars for a single hair dryer. Actually it would be kind of funny to see his reaction..Nah!! that will be just plain cruel you see for he is a guy who doesn't spend a dime unless he really really has to. His shoes and shirts literally have holes in them before he would buy new ones or wear the ones that I get for him. So after very happily finding out that there was a Sephora store right here in my city in the West Edmonton Mall, I simply couldn't wait or swallow another morsel (not counting the icecream, pack of chocolates, bag of chips, mac & cheese from my little one's plate and a few other titbits) it was Friday before a long weekend and I had a meeting with DESTINY!! I was going to turn into this Goddess that has been hiding inside my plain jane appearance. Saturday afternoon came and off I went to the mall, dragging my tired five year old in my wake. Now looking for a store in that giant mall is not piece of cake my friends and neither is trying to find parking, for that matter. Finanlly I saw it, the brilliantly decked out reps with copious amounts of makeup on their faces smiled at us as we entered a very busy store. Countless items ranging from perfumes to lipsticks to tons of other products that I haven't had a chance to know (yet!). After asking for directions I headed off to the appliance section, somewhat deflated to find only a couple of T3 dryers on the shelf. As I was about to make a u-turn a very helpful rep came over and gave me a long schpeil of this dryer's benefits and how it would turn even the drabbest of locks into sinfully shiny healthy hair. So after standing in the long line up for 35minutes I dished out three crisp $100 bills (so long my gift money..sob!) and was a very proud owner of a T3 featherweight dryer. Away I went with a spring in my step and dangling my new purchase on my arm as if declaring to the world, "Here comes a Diva who shops in only the best of the best stores" (since the sales lady had said that it was owned by Louis V and they only kept best of the best). Good thing my little one holds on to my hand rather tight or I am sure I would have forgotten all about her in my rush home to try out my new magical equipment. Finally we were home and I could take a shower (after yelling at my poor husband to turn the water main on and fix the damn! shower faucet so it wouldn't leak and we wouldn't have to leave the water main turned off). A quick shampoo and condition with another one of my 'impressed by the ad' purchase - Head & Shoulder's S & C. Didn't even bother dressing as I was so impatient to try the dryer. Even the wrapping and the box was so impressive people. They put your purchase in a gift bag with tissue paper and all.....nice!!Praise the lord!! I finally had in my hands a $277 appliance that was going to transform me into a hottie with locks to die for. Hmmm!! I was told this dryer works faster but it actually took me 20min instead of usual 12min to dry my hair but then again to be fair I was sectioning my hair and using a brush to get some volume at the bottom. So far so good, the hair fell into place and looked rather nice. So off I went on my grocery shopping and other chores with my beautiful bouncy hair. Lo and behold even mother nature was happy with my hair, the temprature was a balmy 3 degree celsius, we were out of the deep freeze of -40.c, I was the goddess of my realm, I was..................BRAKES!!!! screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeccccccccccccccchh! What the HE_ _!!! my hair was back to it's usual limp straight state and not just that but it lacked the usual shine that it has without adding any products. Maybe I needed a closer look, I looked in all the three mirrors and sure enough even in the sunlight my hair had no sheen. It looked dried out, not frizzy but still dried out for sure. POOF!!! out went my air of self confidence and back I came tired and dreary. This time I logged on and googled the negative reviews on my beautiful T3 Tourmoline from Bespoke Labs and sure enough found many other people who found the same results. Very surprising considering it's said to give your hair a healthy shine. I guess not all hair is made the same and some of us just won't reap benefits of this new Ionic tourmoline technology. Sigh!! back I went to mall, this time with heavy heart and leaden steps to return my brand new T3. Good folks at Sephora did raise an eyebrow at my comments about why I wanted to return it but took it back without any gumption. Felt much better, I sure did. Afterall if I was going to have just ordinary hair, I could do that job with my $30 Conair. Lesson learned?!!! Not so fast my friends because you see, as I was about to leave the store, I happened to see a whole section devoted to the 'Bare Minerals' make-up.....DING DING DING!!! Close to a $100 it sure is expensive for a foundation but hey!! what's mere money in pursuit of beauty eh!!Well, my dear readers I am now on a whole new research path and looking into the perfect foundation that will hide my dark eye circles and broken capillaries and all imperfections and give me the face of an angel :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally a Blog

Ok!! so finally I got around to creating one. Baby steps :-)

I guess I will start with some silly pictures, since that's what I do the best!