Monday, February 25, 2008

Obama Hilary showdown

Is anyone else enjoying watching them as much as me?! I mean don't you just love the adult fights....of course it is done in such a civilized (or so they think), backhanded and covert way (which really is meant to be quite overt).

The latest phamplet prank certainly takes the cake. Yay! for Obama for having the galls to getting this stuff on Hilary printed, off the record of course(he does all these underhanded tatics in the same breath that he calls for a new kind of politics) and Hurray! for Hilary not mincing any words when denouncing him. I mean we all know such things are always done in campaigns, get stuff printed or said against your opponent off the record so no one can blame you but come on guys! just whom are we kidding here!!

What really had me hooting with laughter was the punjab reference. This one is apparently based on a joke that Mrs. Clinton herself made last year at a fund-raiser hosted by a top Indian-American supporter. "I can certainly run for the Senate seat in Punjab and win easily,". First it makes me think 'yeah right! lady'. And secondly shouldn't they at least check before accusing her of moving the jobs off shore?! To the best of my knowledge none have been taken to Punjab, other parts of India I could believe but not Punjab. It is the most affluent state in India and it wouldn't make sense to take any jobs there as companies to have to pay more money comparatively.

Then again, what do I know. All I can say is it is all very amusing to sit back and watch them go at each other............and they are both from the same party. So far I haven't been amused that much by Republicans.

Think about it people if Obama actually wins, we will have a first 'African American' President in the history of USA and if Hilary does then first female President.

Whom are you rooting for?!

Shivani Sherman Jetley


shalini said...

Shivani, Republicans have their most comical character in the leading role; JOHN MCCAIN!!! omg! have you seen him lose his cool? It appears as if he is going to burst with his face red and eyes, flaming........ extremely cartoon-like.

aj said...

Do some reading on Mike Huckabee. You'll laugh hard and long.

As to the Democratic party, I am actually rooting for Mr. Obama. I'll probably even vote for him, since I am a fully qualified American citizen (and all I had to do for such privilege was to be born there! What strange people, these Americans...)

Though to be fair, I know that Obama is just another politician, it's just that Hillary Clinton scares the crap out of me. Mr. Obama seems the least evil, though I do rather like John McCain, and am incredibly happy that a moderate Republican managed the party nomination, and not some religious zealot (Huckabee) or free-market nut (Paul). There may be hope. Maybe. I doubt it.