Friday, February 22, 2008

To vote or not to vote?!

Ah! it's that time again.....politicians and their cohorts knocking at our doors, dropping flyers, making phone calls asking for our precious vote. Of course like any hard working, tax paying and law obeying Canadian would do, I nicely promise to definitely think about it. Believe it or not but sometimes I actually do devote some time to thinking about whom to vote for (well, you know whatever time I can find between reading my romance novels and polishing my nails and concocting new face masks!! screw the world hunger and other urgent matters, me and my vanity take precedence...don't they?!)

To be honest, though, I have to admit that I sometimes can not be bothered to go and vote. Like many others, I am thoroughly disillusioned with the whole game of politics and the politicians. I don't need to listen to anymore empty promises, useless values and meaningless speeches. Afterall aren't they all the same anyways, once elected....all peas of the same pod. I mean, I am not so naive to think that we are going to see very many honest to boot, intelligent, selfless, caring specimen, that you would normally find in books. Just a bunch of idiots or worse yet crooks who get in it for their own agenda. Why should I waste my precious time and energy electing someone who is not going to give two red cents about what matters to me. Afterall, is it really worth it to drag my fat ass to the nearest booth, stand in the line up, exchange polite words with the few kind senior citizen volunteers and put my voting card in the box.....all that effort to get some bozzo into power so at the very least he/she can put in his two terms and get that hefty pension or at the very worst he/she can give cheap land, cut deals with their buddies, even to the extent where energy prices go through the roof and an average person cannot even afford to pay the bills anymore. NO Thank you!! I would rather very much waste that vote and not elect anyone. This has been the condition of my mind since my very first vote at age 18 and here I am almost 34 now and little has changed (you see the candidate I voted for turned out to be a total dud)

So why shouldn't I retreat into my bimboland where things are much nicer, there are no such worries, just happy thoughts of hot guys or nice dresses or lastest hair styles. I probably would have gone through the rest of my life thinking this way had I not someone say this, "so you don't like the way things are run eh!! What are YOU doing about it? you don't like the way country is running, What are YOU doing about it? you feel bad decisions are being made in the legislative..what are YOU doing about it?! Have you contributed anything other than complaining?!" My first reaction was to haarummphh at it but then when I really thought about it, isn't it so true. We like to sit on our asses at home and expect everything to run smoothly but don't even want to be bothered to make sure that we actually help the right people get in there to change things. Some wise man said, "To see a wrong being committed and do nothing about it is worse than actually committing the deed itself". So is it true then, has our self centredness brought us to this point where we won't take the charge ourselves, won't help the ones who want to take charge but will complain once the wrong people get in charge (which might I add is due to people like me, who won't be bothered to take a more active interest in identifying who is deserving and who is not)

I don't know if it is truly going to make even a bit of difference but I sure as hell am going to do my own research this time, rise above my prejudices, get out of the 'left wingers are better for a middle class working person mentality' and put my weight behind who I think deserves to be in the lead.

Preparing her mind for whom to vote for on March 3rd, this is Shivani Jetley Sherman signing off for now.

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aj said...


I admit that Alberta is a rather depressing place to have a democracy, what with the people seemingly dead set on having a cowboy conservative government, but there has to be a breaking point, and maybe things will change. Perhaps for the worse, perhaps for the better, but no sane person can take Ed Stelmach seriously as premier at this point. Please, please, please vote.