Monday, April 21, 2008

Global warming my foot!

Our father in the heaven, shower some mercy upon us Edmontonians instead of this snow!! Please! Pretty please with a cherry on the top!

Are you not just simply sick of this snow and crappy weather?! I mean is it not enough that we have to put up with inhuman temperatures, biting cold winds and huge snow dumps all through out winter that we should have to suffer this in mid April as well. Enough is enough, I for one am tired of this. Why can’t the winter just last from Dec-Feb like it is supposed to. March and April are supposed to be spring months and I would like to see some flowers and green grass now.

Poor stores that were selling petunias last weekend must have counted their losses and removed all that stuff. Then again, this is Edmonton. I can never forget my first year here. It snowed in July and I cried my eyes out and said, “WHY?!! Why on the earth would I move from Punjab to Vancouver and then to Edmonton?! Why did I not settle in the Caribbean?” Only solace to my tropical heart comes from the fact that when we do get nice summers here, it is really nice. And of course let’s not forget people, once I win my big lottery then I can have houses in all the nice places and visit out there any time I feel like it. Ha ha ha!! Dreams of a delusional psycho mama maybe J

Global warming my eye! It certainly isn’t brining any warmth to us here in Edmonton. When scientists say it is so bad for our planet and things are getting warmer, I only have one question, “why can’t you make it warmer over here and take the cold to wherever it is needed?!”. Ah well, can’t control mother nature now can we. One can only hope that by some miracle it will learn that spring is supposed to be warm, summers hot and balmy, fall colorful and crisp and winter cold & white. That is what I learned in kindergarten for the seasons and Damitt! I am sticking to it. If only I could teach that to the weather controller as well.

I heard somewhere that driving more cars generates warmth. Alright people, bring out your cars and drive the heck out of them so we can finally warm up already.

Signing off for now, a very cold cold Shivani :-(


Shivani Sherman said...

The sun is out finally and I am not feeling so depressed anymore with all the snow we got! said...

I feel really bad for you guys there in Edmonton. But while I am enjoying California's sunny weather, you have the luxury of Mommy made food every weekend!!! There you go, Shivani. You cannot have everything........

aj said...

You live in Edmonton. Look at the map. You're really, really, really far north. Why did you move here? Why did I move here? Why is there even a city here? Let's all just go somewhere else.

Shivani Sherman said...

Curse the day when I left Vancouver for this.

That's it!! I am moving to the Caribbean. Ha ha ha!! knowing me though, after a year I will be complaining about the heat there.