Monday, April 21, 2008

Putting a big foot in an even bigger mouth!

It is almost over you guys!! The democrat’s mutual race towards the presidential candidacy is almost at the finish line. I am definitely going to miss the entertaining speeches by Republicans like Huckabee (don’t you just love saying this dude’s name, Huck – AAAA- Beeee LOL!) and all others but most importantly the Obama Clinton war. How can you not get addicted to watching them go at each other? A few years ago, if someone had told me that I would actually watch a political debate on television out of my own free will, I would have just laughed at them. This election however, the whole ball game is so different and interesting.

Initially I was interested in knowing about Obama and Clinton, simply because they will both be the first in America’s history to be a black president/ female president. It reminded me of my university days when our political science professor gave a lecture about the politics within politics of various nations. She mentioned how countries like India and even Pakistan, which are said to have to most number of oppressed females have had women prime ministers but not America. I never really paid much attention in class but that must have stuck somewhere in deep dark corner of my mind. So seeing that for the first time a woman and a black (eh! Sorry African American man) were so close to winning the seat, I just had to watch the whole thing. For those who might be saying ‘excuse me lady! But aren’t you forgetting McCain?!’ well, I am simply not even considering him. I don’t believe Americans will be so retarded to select a republican president for this term after havoc current ones have played on their economy.

Enough said about that, back to my original goal about writing this post. What do you guys think about Obama’s big Oopsie in his fund raiser speech?!! For those who might not know, let me fill you in. Senator Barack Obama happened to make some reamarks about how the working class people are bitter about the economic situation they are facing and their ‘cling to guns and religion’ reaction is not surprising. Well!! It was all over the television all at once! Clinton and McCain lost no time at all on pouncing upon this critical ‘foot in the mouth’ error and POW! BAM! started the ‘Elitism’ accusations along with ‘He is so out of touch’. Those of you who missed watching these on your CNN newscast, you have to watch them on Youtube. Trust me the entertainment value alone is worth the time spent.

I have to say I really enjoyed Obama’s comeback as well. He stuck to his words and explained himself, which made me respect him more than had he changed his tunes. Gotta love a man like that eh!! Well not so fast. You don’t think he was going to just let it go, did ya!! Where have you been these past few months?! He came back at them with ‘shame on you, shame on you’ and I am not kidding folks, I was literally rolling on the floor watching their latest speeches.

All I gotta say is good luck to all of them. May the best man/woman win and provide us with further entertainment J Hopefully they can turn the economy around and fix things though because USA’s economic turmoil is having a global effect!!

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