Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton wins the Pennsylvania primary

There you have it! Despite more money, more elected delegates and more states, Obama still lost out on the Pennsylvania's Democratic Primary by 5%. Ms. Clinton got 55% of the votes and Mr. Obama got 45%....hmm!! what does that say to you?!

To me it just goes to prove that you really gotta watch what you say when you are in the limelight. Slight slip of your tongue and your competitor will use that over and over and over and yet over again to climb to victory.

Alright! so I know it's not over yet but really is it just a coincidence that he loses out on this state right after the big kafuffle about his comments regarding working class people. And do people honestly believe that Clintons are working class!! Come on folks if every working class person had so many millions then............... well, you get the idea.

Let us see what happens next and in the meantime let me know your thoughts. Who do you think will be the next president of United States of America?


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aj said...

Obama was right, though. The president should never tell the truth, but working class people, indeed PEOPLE of all classes, tend to be stupid and short sighted. This isn't an elitist thing to say, they really are. I include myself in this statement.

And to be fair, PA was going to go to Clinton from the start. It's actually fairly impressive that there was such a small gap.

Shalini Devgun (Jetley) said...

I won't be so sure that Clinton will eventually get it because in the end whoever has the most delegates matter. And Obama has a lead on that right now. I think he is equally brilliant and given the fact that Clinton already has insightful experience of White house, it is impressive that Obama, a freshie is running so close to her.
BUT the overall scenario is not so good becuase this uncertaintly will harm the democrats in the long run. Look at the Republicans! they are all so content with that nincompoop temperamental cocky McCain....Probably because they know that no matter which Republican wins the PA, they cannot make it to the White House this time. It is too late. The reality of economy has finally hit the rich and poor both. Democrats have to come so that sanity can come back.......
the real race is only between Obama and Clinton. One of them is going to be the President. McCain is out of question anyhow.